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Fox Dance Studio has gathered some of the most renowned dance instructors in the industry who are ready to take your dance skills to the next level.


Benefits of Dancing

The benefits of ballroom dance extend far beyond the joy of moving across the beautiful hardwood dance floor. The human body was meant to move; the mind, body and spirit benefit with every step.

Cardiovascular Health

Ballroom dancing can raise your heart rate to between 80 and 120 beats per minute according to "The Benefits of Dancing" by Christopher Pilarchik. Your heart is a

Improved Posture

According to an article in Gait and Posture "social dancing is associated with enhanced postural stability and physical performance." Dancing requires you to stand tall, with your head

Conditioning and Strength Training

Ballroom dance incorporates sideways movement that is essential to sculpting and toning the leg muscles. The majority of ballroom dance is repetitive, low impact exercise which is perfect

The Fox Dance Team & Philosophy

It is our team that makes us different, learn more here…

Fox Dance Studio has two main points to its overall philosophy: quality teaching and treating people as we would like to be treated. Truly believing in this philosophy, and implementing it, has allowed for Fox Dance Studio to be blessed with a wonderful group of instructors and students. Fox Dance Corporation was created from the ground up by Kerry Emerson and Kyle Cummings in March of 2007 doing business as Shake It Up Dance Studio. With two months of hand-built renovation by Kerry, Kyle, and their entire group of family and friends, Shake It Up opened it’s doors to quality teaching in May of 2007.

Fox Dance Corporation grew ever since its foundation and in 2012 the tradename “Shake It Up” was sold to Disney Corporation; at this time Fox Dance Corporation began to also do business as Fox Dance Studio. The Fox Dance Studio family of students has grown steadily year-after-year, allowing us to build our group of professional instructors steadily. Not only does Fox Dance Studio believe in treating its students with the utmost respect and care, it also believes in treating its instructors with care, respect, and professionalism. With this in mind, we feel that we continue to build a very strong team of caring professionals for our students. Whether you’re a brand new student who’s never danced before, or you have years of experience, it is our goal that all of our students feel as though they are openly welcomed by our entire team to the Fox Dance Studio family.